New Yorker Bagels

12 Hand-rolled Bagels NY REGION ONLY

$29.00 $44.00

New York Bagels
New York Bagels 12 Hand-rolled Bagels NY REGION ONLY cinnamon raisin bagel jalapeno bagel 12 Hand-rolled Bagels NY REGION ONLY blueberry bagel whole wheat everything bagels Bagel pack


Limited time offer for regional customers looking for fresh bread.

Build your own assortment of fresh, hand-rolled New York bagels (and bialys!) Select your 4 options from the menus above and click 'Add to Bagel Cart'

A 3 Dozen Regional Offer is also available for maximum savings.

Note: This package includes options to order Everything, Onion or Garlic bagels or Bialys. The intense garlic or onion aroma of these flavors may adhere slightly to flavors during shipping. Thank you.

  • Reduced pricing for our regional customers
  • 1 dozen fresh, hand-rolled, large NYC bagels: packed as 4 sleeves of 3
  • Shipped fresh to you with overnight shipping included
  • No preservatives of any kind
  • No bromated flour; No Saturated fat or Trans fat
  • Certified Star-K Kosher
Please Click here to view ingredients for each flavor above


Allergen Statement

New Yorker Bagels is not a certified nut free environment, although none of our products contain any nuts. Residual nut contamination from our ingredient supplies is possible, though unlikely. 

The only common allergens that are present in our products are wheat, soy and sesame. All of our bagels contain wheat and soy. Please see ingredient lists below for information on a specific bagel flavor.

Vegan Statement

All products sold on this website are Vegan. None of our bagels contain animal products of any kind with the possible exception of a minute amount of natural honey. (Some vegans wish to avoid honey while others do not.)