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Salt Bagels

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salt bagel
salt bagel Salt Bagels Salt Bagels

Due to the sea salt's propensity to continually absorb moisture, this product does not meet our strict quality control standards for being shipped. Therefore, we regret that salt bagels are not available for online ordering.

A New Yorker Bagels salt bagel is even better than a pretzel, according to many. The warm taste of the chewy bread topped with the well, salty, taste of the topping is what makes a salt New Yorker bagel the most excellent afternoon or after work snack!

The salt bagel may seem humble, but it is one of the favorite New Yorker bagels of all time. Grab one of a cart or swipe on at the local deli for the perfect hunger quencher, any time of day – and take the extra ones home to satisfy those late night cravings.

Here are a few ideas of how to use our Salt bagels to really wow:

  1. Wrap tightly in foil and heat for an almost (but not quite) fresh off the cart taste. You can use the microwave, but you’ll wish you didn’t – that just makes the salt bagel tougher.
  2. Slice and cover with plenty of sharp cheddar cheese and some bacon bits. Stick under the broiler for a guilty midnight snack.
  3. Toast until golden brown and spread with salsa for a southwestern kick. Add some sliced jalapeños for added spiciness!
  4. Let dry out completely and toss in the blender to turn into crumbs. Use for breading veggies for deep frying, or for chicken, pork or fish.
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