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A Dozen Amazing Bagel Toppings

bagel toppings

You Wish You’d Thought Up…

It’s time for a departure from the world of the traditional cream cheese and lox. Time for a change. Time to get crazy! There are so many things out there you can top a bagel with, some intriguing, some exciting and some  downright alarming.

  1. Blueberry bagel with and low fat, lemon flavored cream cheese. This amazing combo was achieved by a foodie with not enough excitement in her life and an abundance of lemon stevia in her cupboard… and so a legend was born.
  2. Toasted multigrain bagel topped with canned tuna, sliced pickles and – wait for it – ketchup. I know, you are all thinking the chick HAD to be pregnant, but this combo was actually thought up by a guy!
  3. Split bagel with cottage cheese and salsa on top. It’s the Latin American answer to all of your breakfast problems. Adds a little kick to your day, with a side of healthy dairy protein, too.
  4. Onion bagel, sliced and schmeared, then topped with sweet shredded carrots, minced black olives, and thin rounds of green onion. 
  5. Fresh, warm garlic bagel topped with warm ham, a pile of spouts and a splash of spicy mustard. Heaven. Whoever thought this one up should get a prize. Imagine if you added a little bit of Gouda cheese to the mix?
  6. Fresh hot bagel, split and piled high with hot, thinly sliced salted beef, yellow English mustard and sliced gherkins. It’s a beigel, East London Style! The Brits have definitely taken bagel sandwiches to a new level.
  7. Plain bagel, spread liberally with cream cheese then topped with crushed red pepper, sliced green onions, additional hot sauce and chopped avocado. It’s the Southwestern twist on a Manhattan favorite!
  8. Everything bagel, split and toasted, then covered in hummus. You can use the plain or flavored kind – it doesn’t matter. Makes a terrific nutritious snack for an on-the-go type of person! A side of yoghurt and a small green salad makes for a balanced meal.
  9. Whole wheat bagel, split and topped with egg salad, a thin slice of tomato and a sprinkling of paprika – delicious, filling and a great way to get over the mid-day hump!
  10. Jalapeño Red Pepper bagel with cream cheese and  mint jelly. Hot and cool, tangy and sweet – it’s the confusion of the taste buds that makes this odd bagel work.
  11.  Fresh egg bagel, with thinly sliced avocado and a slice of provolone on top, run under the broiler. Heart healthy and tasty!
  12. Sesame bagel, halved and covered with thinly sliced kosher hard salami, Dijon mustard and Gruyere cheese, then broiled until bubbly and brown.

These are only a few of the best, boldest, or downright bravest bagel topping combinations around. What is your go-to bagel topping? Are you staid and safe, or do you play fast and loose with crazy combinations that startle and shock your bagel eating friends and family?