FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

About New Yorker Bagels

New Yorker Bagels is the world’s largest baker of fresh baked bagels. If you’ve ever eaten a bagel in New York City, chances are you’ve enjoyed a New Yorker bagel. We have provided decades of service to bagel shops, bakeries, cafes and hotels throughout the New York area, and we're now proud to offer Free 2-day Shipping of our fresh, hand-rolled New York City bagels to everyone in the Continental US-of-A! All bagels are certified Star-K Kosher.

Bagel BuffetOur History: Still family owned and operated, New Yorker Bagels started 50 years ago, when two immigrants took their shot at the American Dream and opened The Bagel Buffet, on Sixth Avenue. Word spread and the cafe became a Greenwich Village icon, serving bagels from early morning into the late, late night. You name a famous New Yorker from 70s and 80s, and they were there. In the early 80's, the shop also became a hangout for hip-hop pioneers.

About 20 years ago, our founders opened New Yorker Bagels in Astoria, Queens – offering the same great bagels, wholesale only, delivered fresh to the best-known restaurants, cafes, and hotels in the tri-state NY area. The rest is history. Millions of bagels later, New Yorker has become the quintessential bagel, synonymous with New York City.

So in a sense, with our launch of online shopping, we’ve come full-circle, once again able to offer our time-tested family bagel recipes and craftsmanship directly to bagel lovers themselves, although now the entire country is able to enjoy. New Yorker Bagels believes everyone deserves a great New York Bagel.

All our bagels are fresh, never frozen, and use only the finest all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and no bromates. Every New Yorker Bagel has a crisp shell and a chewy center, just as the perfect bagel should. Our bakers are dedicated to sending you the most delicious, all-natural bagels in the world. Each bagel we send you is hand-rolled, one at a time.

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Giving Back

City HarvestSince our founding, New Yorker Bagels has always prided itself on giving back to the community. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve donated CityHarvest over two million pounds of bagels and baked goods since 2001.

We have also donated to over 100 local and regional churches and not-for-profit organizations.

Watch one of our highly skilled bagel rollers in action!