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Bagels By the Numbers – America’s Favorite Breakfast Food

bagels - americas favorite breakfast food

Bagels have long been a favorite of New Yorkers seeking a quick, easy, and wholesome breakfast that can be eaten on the go – but are bagels still holding their spot as one of the best loved breakfast foods of all time?

Let’s take a look at the stats in 2015:

  1. Almost 61% of Americans surveyed said they eat a bagel at least twice a week for breakfast. That’s a lot of bagels when you extrapolate to the state of New York, and a staggeringly high number when you look at the continental US as a whole!
  2. Nearly 54% of these bagel eaters eat fresh bagels almost exclusively – so forget stocking up with frozen or refrigerated bagels. Instead, order fresh baked bagels from a wholesaler and serve your customers what they really want!
  3. Only 4.4% of bagel sales are from mini-bagels – but they sell well in areas with kids so don’t give up on the mini bagel just yet! Find creative ways to market them to family buyers.
  4. $1.4 billion is the benchmark for bagel sales in retail. Is your business contributing to that dollar amount? Buying from a wholesale bagel supplier lets you have a better profit margin.
  5. 77% of bagels are eaten as a main dish of a small meal. Additions like butter, cream cheese, lox, and jelly are added 87% of the time.
  6. Over 75% of bagel eaters prefer their roll with a hole warmed up, and will buy a hot bagel over a cold one.

The average bagel buyer fits a clear demographic, with 20% more buyer fitting one or more of the following descriptions:

  • Makes more than $70,000 a year
  • Is a woman or a man between the ages of 45-54
  • Has a small household of 1-2 members
  • Is a college grad or professional
  • Is an affluent single or empty nester
  • Lives in the Northeast / Mid Atlantic region

Selling bagels is a dependable, high profit business, especially if you choose a dependable wholesale bagel bakery to buy wholesale bagels from and keep your customers happy with fresh bagels daily. Match bagel sales with coffee or other beverages to increase profit and keep customers coming back day after day.