New Yorker Bagels

Bagels... For Dinner? YES!

Bagels... For Dinner? YES!

There are thousands of recipes that call bagels the quick and easy breakfast food, and hundreds more that point to them as the perfect low-calorie lunch. They can be layered with cream cheese, fruit, deli meats, cheese, and even eggs and bacon. However, there’s an entire avenue of bagel recipes gone unexplored: bagels for dinner.

If you’re too tired to prepare an entire meal, or just want a simple, flavorful dinner, bagels are your best friend. Ditch the pizza delivery and the cup of noodles approach and try these bagel dinners using leftover bagels from your subscription box!  

  • Bagel pizzas. There’s a reason “bagel bites” were a massive hit with teenagers and adults alike. Bagels, tomato sauce, and cheese go together perfectly, and make a relatively low-effort meal. Just plop some pizza sauce and mozzarella on your bagel halves, stick them in the oven until they’re crispy – and boom. Instant personal pizzas. Add veggies or pepperoni if you feel adventurous.
  • Pesto Melt Bagels. Chicken, tomato, and cheese go deliciously with a fresh, warm bagel. It’s a meal you can feel good about, and it doesn’t take long to make. This meal has all the makings of a healthy, flavorful dinner.
  • Bagels as croutons. If you’re craving a light dinner, soup or salad is your best option. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bagel along with it. Cube the bagel, toast the pieces, and toss them into your salad or soup as tasty croutons. You can even coat the cubes in a garlic-butter mix before sliding them under the broiler for a quick toasting.
  • Grilled cheese. This childhood favorite is even better on a bagel. Stick a thick layer of cheese between the pieces -- try using multiple cheeses for more intense flavor – wrap in foil, and bake until everything is melted and crispy. Pair with tomato soup for a traditional comfort-dinner.
  • Bagels as sides. Almost every entree can benefit from a side of bread. Bagels fill this role pretty nicely. Add some butter and serve it alongside your pasta, fish, or stew, and enjoy. You can even experiment with garlic butter, cheese, and other toppings to spice things up.

There’s a reason bagels work during every hour of the day. They’re a tried-and-true favorite, and there’s a flavor for almost every occasion. Bread is nearly ubiquitous in our lives, and bagels are just a more unique, exciting form of bread.

They work as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and there’s no limit to what you can do with them. Think about these options when ordering your next New Yorker Bagel box, and add a flavor that will be ideal for your top choice.