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Get 2017 off to a Healthy Start with Vegetarian Bagel Toppings

Bagels are more popular than ever, and for good reason! Our yummy circular snacks can be multi-purposed in an infinite amount of ways, and each one is just as yummy as the last.

Any avid bagel lover has a topping that they love above any other, but here are a few more to try and fall in love with. Switch up your meal plan, and sprinkle some new fruits and veggies into your diet with these healthy options.

Here are just a few of the delicious options you can try, all of which are vegetarian/vegan friendly!

  • Vegan Deli Sammie. Highly processed lunchmeat is a thing of the past—vegan deli slices are in! Try Tofurkey if you’re indecisive, but make sure to check out any other options that sound appealing to you. When you pull this loaded sammich out of your lunchbox, the bagel excitement is sure to brighten your day.
  • This popular, all-natural spread is delicious with crackers and veggie sticks, but don’t be afraid to use it on bagels, too. Try flavored hummus for extra flavor, and get creative by adding veggies or garnishes like bell peppers or fresh basil.
  • Energy-Punch. If you’re groggy in the mornings, this bagel can get you out of bed and help you kickstart your day. Split your bagel and slip a tofu-egg in between, add tomato and whatever else you might be hungering for, and start your day off strong.
  • Peanut Butter Banana. If you have a sweet-tooth, this combination can satisfy you and give you some protein to keep you going. Add nuts, maple syrup, or honey for some extra crunchy sweetness, and don’t hesitate to have two.
  • Veggie Burger. Lunchtime doesn’t have to be a boring sandwich or a greasy slice of pizza. Start your morning by packing lunch; a bagel and a veggie burger can be easily heated it up later for a healthy and filling lunch. Add lettuce, tomato, and condiments to finish it off.
  • ABC bagel. This bagel is the BLT of the bagel world. Avocado, bacon, and cheese. This option can be cruelty-free when you play your cards right with vegan cheese and tempeh bacon, and the avocado slices add a super healthy bunch of anti-oxidants to the mix.
  • Tofu bagel. With onions, butter, spinach, tomato, and peppers of every color, this bagel doesn’t pull its punches! If you’re looking for something exciting and packed with protein, this bagel may be calling your name.

Bagels don’t have to be unhealthy – it’s all in what you put on top. These vegan or vegetarian options can make every lunchtime exciting and delicious.