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New Yorker Bagels

Love Healthy Breakfasts? Try a Whole Wheat New Yorker Bagel!

healthy whole wheat bagel

According to the latest advice from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, at least half of your carbohydrates should come from the healthy source of whole grains. Guess what – a whole-wheat bagel can easily count toward these whole-grain servings! Instead of empty carbs that leave you crashing a few hours after breakfast, you can count on a whole grain bagel to keep you going until lunchtime – especially if you dress it up with a few more ingredients. Try the following:

Top a split and toasted whole wheat bagel with 2 scrambled egg whites, and sprinkle with some low fat mozzarella. Layer on some sliced tomato and a few baby spinach leaves, and presto – you’ve got a meal that weighs in at an astonishingly low 400 calories with enough protein (15g) to keep you running strong until the afternoon break.

Prefer something a little easier to make? Try spreading a toasted whole-wheat bagel with 2 tbsp. of hummus, and top with some fresh veggies – we recommend strips of red bell pepper and thinly sliced cucumber slices. It’s a perfect vegetarian breakfast that is low in fat, high on protein, and tasty as all get out with just about 300 calories.

Have a sweet tooth at breakfast? Skip the jelly filled donut and try some sweetened cream cheese spread made by mixing a teaspoon or two of honey into 2 tbsp. of low- or non-fat cream cheese. This is terrific spread on a split, toasted and buttered whole wheat bagel, and it edges into “fantastic” regions when you slice a few strawberries and a kiwi to layer on top. Sprinkle a tiny bit of coconut or wheat germ on top, and enjoy a 400 calorie, anti-oxidant rich breakfast before starting your day.

Work in a legume-free zone? No worries – you won’t miss your peanut butter once you’ve tried sesame seed butter! Spread it thinly on a sliced whole wheat bagel (toasting optional) and sprinkle with raisins or spread the opposite side of the bagel with a tart jam, like red plum or tangy apricot for a health meal on the go. It’s only about 500 calories, depending on how heavy a hand you use with the spread, and it packs enough punch that you can hit the gym before work.

Trying to break that breakfast sandwich habit? Skip the drive through and try this instead – a scrambled egg or egg white layered with some turkey bacon and sandwiched between two halves of a sliced, toasted whole wheat bagel. It’s so much better then Mickey Dees, and only about 80% of the calories of a fast food breakfast sandwich.