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Kids and Bagels – the Perfect Combination!

It makes perfect sense – the perfect food for a New York child is, without a doubt, a New Yorker bagel! No matter how finicky your child’s tastes, there’s certain to be a bagel to win his or her heart.

Start with the basics. Introduce your child to the wonders of a freshly bought plain bagel from a cafe or cart on the streets of NYC. A hot, fresh bagel, sliced on the spot and eaten dripping with melting butter, is something no child can turn down!
The crunchy and chewy dual nature of the bagel is something, most kids will take to instantly. However, if your child prefers something with a bit more punch for breakfast, it’s time to upgrade. Try them on a sesame bagel, or – if they are truly adventurous – a poppy seed. Slowly work your way up to suggesting an onion or everything bagel if your kid likes strong, savory fare. You might be surprised at what your mini-me might enjoy!

Maybe your pretty princess or gallant young sir has a sweet tooth. In such cases, the cinnamon raising is the gateway bagel – the way to get them to try your fave food without insulting their child-like palates. Failing that, revert to the plain bagel and slather it with sweetened cream cheese or a dab of their favorite jam or jelly. You can and will win them over!

If the progeny of your home refuses to be brought to the dark side, and turns up their noses at all your attempts at breakfast, sneak bagels in under cover of lunch or dinner. A sliced bagel makes a perfect mini-pizza base – and they can go wild with sauce, cheese, and all the toppings they can think of. You can also cube bagels and mix them in a lunch box with cheese cubes and slices of apple, or cut thin strips and provide nut butter, hummus or tahini for dipping.

For the toddler who simply wants something to slobber and gnaw on, consider mini bagels. These hold up well to being gummed to death, and can provide a natural teething ring for the child old enough to handle solids. Lay in a secret stash in the fridge, and dish them out cold for rides in the car or stroller.
All of these suggestions are only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting your kids to eat bagels. At New Yorker Bagel, we have every possible flavor to entice them to the ways of a true NY citizen – so never give up!