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New Yorker Bagels Q&A

Looking for the low down on bagel town? This is where you find the answers to al of your bagel related questions!


How can I reheat my day old bagel? I want it fresh and warm like it just came from the bakery.

You, my friend, are out of luck. Nothing tastes like a bagel fresh from the bakery (except, of course, a bagel fresh from the bakery).  However, here are our heating tips – do NOT microwave! Instead, heat gently in a hot oven for 2-3 minutes, or split and toast in a toaster for 30 seconds or so.

How do I eat this thing? It’s big and chewy and has a crunchy crust…

If it’s fresh, dive on in. That’s what teeth are for! Tear of chewy, delicious bites and wolf them down. If it’s not fresh, warm as directed, toast and spread with your choice of butter, cream cheese, lox, or any of a hundred other choices.

I bought some “fresh par-baked” bagels at the store. They look… raw!

            That’s because they are, partially. We recommend tossing them and going out and asking for New Yorker bagels, but if you must… Spray lightly with fresh water and place in an oven pre-heated to 400 degrees F until browned to                 your personal preference; OR you can split and toast the bagel under a broiler, turning once, until brown on top and toasted lightly on the cut side.  

How do I stop any filling from coming through the hole?

            Cheese is your friend, my friend. Sliced cheese, like cheddar, Monterey jack or provolone (provolone is awesome because it comes in circle slices!) can effectively stop the filling from leaking and the pressure of the bagel slices holding the filling in will keep it from plopping out when you get to the middle of the sandwich. Lettuce also works – try leaf lettuce or Boston lettuce since the leaves are stronger.

What is the best filling or topping for my bagel?

 That, sir or madam, is the million-dollar question. It’s not all cream cheese and lox out there – you can try almost anything on a bagel and it could turn out great. Some prefer peanut butter, some Nutella; others pile on veggies and a large faction loves to split bagels and toast them with some marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella for a mini pizza. The choice is up to you!