FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

Why Subscribe to Our Bagel-of-the-Month?

bagel club

This is the age of subscription services – you can get books, candy, clothes, shoes, and even bacon or whisky delivered on a regular basis to your door. Why not hand-rolled bagels?

If you are an ex-New Yorker who is missing home, or a Midwesterner wondering what all the fuss over New York bagels is all about, a New Yorker Bagels subscription could be just right for you. Besides convenience, you get maximum savings too!


So Many Bagel Options

Plain bagels, garlic bagels, onion bagels, poppy bagels and everything bagels – New Yorker Bagels has them all. In fact no one has more available bagel flavors! We also create amazing signature flavors, like our sweet Blueberry or French Toast, savory Kalamata Olive, and spicy jalapeño options. Love darker, richer flavors? Try marble rye or pumpernickel. Want a power boost? The cranberry energy and multi-grain have your name on them. 


The Best Bagel Ingredients

New Yorker Bagels ingredients are carefully chosen and sourced to give you bagels that are preservative free, bromate free, and all natural. We have Star-K certification meaning we are completely Kosher. 


Speedy Delivery

Our ovens run almost every day, and we never slow down – in fact, we churn out over a quarter of a million bagels on an average bake day. We’ll always have the bagels you want when you want them, whether you’re right here in New York city or half a continent away. Every bagel is made fresh and shipped as soon as possible overnight to get to you while it is still crisp on the crust-side and chewy on the inside.


Business Ethics

We’ve grown from Astoria, Queens to one of the world’s largest bagel bakeries, providing local delis and bakeries, wholesalers and people like you with a fresh, reliable product that is never frozen. For over 30 years, we our single goal has been baking and delivering the best quality bagels inside of New York or out. We always double-check our sources and packaging to ensure we are being both ethical and sustainable in our business practices. We also donate lots of bagels and bread to City Harvest, among other charities.

Ready to enjoy the spirit of New York City right in the comfort of your own home? Join our bagel of the month club today, and start getting fresh bagels delivered to your door in a customizable box with up to three flavors per delivery. It’s a great personal or business gift for the holidays as well! 

We have several types of bagel clubs - learn all about them here. Thank you!