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The Business Brunch Secret: New Yorker Bagels

Business meetings can take place any time of day, but morning and late morning meets are the most common. Many organizers have started offering food to lighten the mood and encourage amicable conversation. However, it can be a big decision to decide what exactly to serve, and it may be up to the caterer to find a solution to questions like:

  • What kind of food can we offer?
  • Will there be kosher options?
  • How will the food stay hot and fresh?
  • What if we need to move around as we discuss?

In this case, the answer that resolves all of the questions above can easily be bagels! They’re the perfect portable food, and can come in a variety of flavors for a variety of people. Even the pickiest eater is bound to find something they like in the mix, and they can pick and choose from the toppings for almost unlimited variety.

Bagels can work for any time of day, from breakfast to lunch and everything in between. They’re light and easy-to-eat, and won’t upset any stomachs while still remaining tasty. For a busy person who missed breakfast or a tired employee dying to get lunch, a bagel brunch may seem like their lucky break.

If you’re looking into catering for a business, it’s important to make sure you have all the correct licenses, and a proper workspace. Vendors can also be an important resource, so keep your friends close, and your vendors closer! Find a reliable wholesaler for your bagels, and remember: presentation is (almost) everything.

Decorate the topping trays with fruits, veggies, spreads, and even things like nuts and meats. Find a way to keep the food hot/cold, and it might be wise to invest in serving dishes with covers so the bagels stay fresh throughout the meeting. Everyone might not get there on time, and it’s never a bad idea to save some for later.

After getting other basics such as napkins, silverware, plates, and beverages, you can be set and ready to cater to almost any business meeting. Bagel brunches are always a hit, and it’s never a bad idea to hand out your contact information for future business. Be sure to leave your business card, and you just might be looking at repeat business in the future.

New Yorker bagels are kosher approved and baked fresh daily. You can always count on New York Bagels to provide a wide variety for your catering business, and reliable, fresh product that clients will love.