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New Yorker Bagels

The Type of Bagel You Choose Says a Lot!

The Type of Bagel You Choose Says a Lot!

As the largest bagel maker in New York, we can tell as much, maybe even more, about a person by what bagel they eat as we can from most favorite forms of personality interpretation such as zodiac signs or horoscopes. Don’t believe it? Here’s a small sampling of what you can tell about a person based on their morning bagel choice. Call your bagel wholesaler and double your order – you’ll need a large customer sample size.

  • Plain. As the name would indicate, this customer is plain, or as some would say, vanilla. They don’t like surprises or changes to their routine. They prefer that everything adheres to set rules. Their idea of getting crazy may be nothing more than a wine spritzer on the weekend.
  • Salt. They seem just as unassuming and middle of the road as the plain bagel until they open their mouth and reveal to everyone They have some very strong opinions they are willing to express with language that would make a sailor blush, and they tend to make and lose friends quickly.
  • Pumpernickel. These customers reveal themselves before they even choose their bagel, with a quirky greeting. They may be full of dark humor laced with puns, but for the most part they are also very practical and believe that opposites attract. Their ideal match is light and creamy.
  • Whole Wheat. The best way to describe this customer is as a hippie. They like deep conversations and are probably some sort of artist or poet – at least at heart. They detest corporate greed and think of themselves as a flower child. They will ask which wholesale bagel bakery you use so be ready with an answer.
  • Poppy Seed. Hello – it’s James Dean or Peter Fonda fighting the man, flouting authority and doing it all their way! This bagel lover is a wild child with nothing to lose, who is going to enjoy life to the fullest on their own terms.
  • Cinnamon Raisin. Not quite sugar, but definitely honey (or maybe agave.) The odds are this customer hails from the deep south and says things like “Bless Their heart” or “Well isn’t that special!”. They are known for an ever-present smile and they keep their families close and their foes closer still.
  • Everything. Is there anything they won’t try, even if just for the scrapbook moment? This person brings up bungee jumping as a way to pass time on a slow Saturday. Their motto is “I’ll try anything, twice!”. There is also the distinct possibility that they have ten to fifteen storage units stuffed with items they can’t get rid of.

Do we have your bagel-loving customers pegged correctly?