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Top Ten Bagel Toppings

top 10 bagel toppings

The best topping for a bagel is a schmear, but a schmear of what? Let’s take a look at the top ten bagel topping and how they make bagels everywhere better.

  • Cream cheese is probably the number one bagel schmear. It’s quick, it’s tasty, it’s good for you – the perfect topping for the perennial roll with a hole. You can flavor the cream cheese with a variety of things for even more fun.Bagel Toppings
  • ŸLox. OK, maybe not technically a “schmear”, more something that you just plop on top. This popular topping is the expected standard for generations of bagel lovers. Finely sliced smoked salmon garnished with a razor thin slice of tomato and red onions with capers makes an everything bagel really have it all.
  • ŸNutella. You heard me. Those who don’t like the chocolate / hazelnut spread hate it, but Nutella lovers keep the food in high demand. Spread on a toasted bagel, a schmear of Nutella takes it to a whole new level.
  • ŸOrange marmalade. This is still a staple of many households, and provides the perfect, chunky schmear of sticky goodness. If you like your bagel with a cup of hot tea, orange marmalade is definitely a great choice for a rich, flavorful sensation.
  • Ÿ Peanut butter. For those not into the whole Nutella thing (as mentioned above), the natural alternative is good old fashioned peanut butter. Use a smooth, creamy spread for a light schmear, or a dollop of chunky for a hearty lunch.
  • ŸHoney. Sometimes the best treats are the simple ones, and honey can be a fantastic topping for a hot toasted bagel. Try whipped honey for a stiffer, less runny schmear (that is incidentally lower calorie as well!)
  • ŸCrushed fruit and sugar. You can make an impromptu jam in seconds by chopping fruit into small pieces then sprinkling a little sugar on top to bring the juices out. With berries, simply crush with the tines of a fork to blend the sugar crystals in and make a sweet, tangy schmear of fresh fruit that will amaze you!
  • ŸHummus. There are many varieties of hummus out there and the bagel is an ideal serving option for this delicious food. Top with some finely chopped olives if desired.
  • ŸVegetarian. Want to wow your family with a super healthy option? Toss some finely chopped onions, mushrooms and peppers in a skillet to sauté for a minute, then spread on toasted bagels. Sprinkle on a bit of cheese and broil for a tasty, healthy snack.
  • ŸPimiento cheese. The smooth mix of cheddar, mayo and tiny red peppers is making a comeback. A schmear of this might just bring back fond memories if visiting grandma and getting a couple of pimiento cheese sandwiches for lunch!

These are by no means the only bagel toppings – there’s plenty more things to experiment with. But you really should dive in and at least give the traditional toppings a try. So grab some bagels, and go nuts with the schmear. It’s good for you!