Enjoy FREE Overnight Shipping*! Order now.

Enjoy FREE Overnight Shipping*! Order now.

Fresh Customer Service

Thank you for stopping by! After careful consideration, we have decided to offer free overnight shipping to most addresses in the Continental United States to significantly reduce the use of packaging such as styrofoam, dry ice packs, coolers, etc. and still maintain the ability to offer preservative-free, fresh, hand-rolled New York City bagels.

  • If you place an order before 11AM ET on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday it will ship out the same day. These orders will then arrive via FedEx or UPS overnight service the following day. 
  • If you order after 11AM ET on Thursday, or anytime on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, your order will ship the following Monday and arrive on Tuesday, unless you select our Saturday Delivery option ($12 fee).
  • Please check your tracking number as we cannot control or predict your  delivery time, or call 1-800-GO-FEDEX or 1-800-742-5877 (UPS).

Saturday Delivery Option

Due to the carrier up-charge, a $12 fee is added if you select this option. 

Not all locations are eligible for FedEx Saturday Delivery. If FedEx will not deliver to you on Saturday, we will notify you and refund this fee.

Rural Address Service Fee

Free Overnight Shipping applies to all orders that can be shipped via FedEx or UPS Standard Overnight Service only. For customers shipping to rural locations outside Standard Overnight delivery zones, orders must be shipped via Priority Overnight service instead. Due to the high cost associated with this shipping option, a Rural Service Handling fee will be added to these orders.

Bagel Dough Rewards

We're happy to introduce Bagel Dough as a thank-you to all of our amazing customers! This is our new rewards program where you can earn valuable sesame seeds for purchases and other actions. To manage your Bagel Dough Rewards or get detailed info, visit the Bagel Dough page.

Please note an account is required to earn rewards, so if you don't already have an account with us, please create one now! Wholesale orders are currently excluded from this program.

Sesame Seeds earned depend on your membership tier—the more you do the more seeds you can earn!
Sesame seeds earned by tier
Tier: 1 Poppy Seed 2 Raisin 3 Everything 4 Monthly Bagel
Make a purchase 5 sesame seeds for every $1 spent
Create an account 250 300 350 N/A
Like us on Facebook 25 30 40 40
Join our email list 100 150 175 200
Follow us on Instagram 50 75 80 85
Happy Birthday 200 300 400 500
Leave a review 100 125 150 150
Refer friends 400 500 500 500
Start a bagel subscription 500 500 500 N/A

Contact Information

Please use our secure Contact Form if you have any other questions.

Cafe or Shop owners should please use our Wholesale Bagels Contact Form.

New Yorker Bagels - Online Ordering FAQ

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to the Continental United States only. We are unable to ship to military or PO boxes, or to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or anywhere outside the USA.

What shipping method do you use?

Orders are sent FedEx 1-Day or UPS 1-Day, depending on your location. Orders shipping to rural locations ship via FedEx Priority Overnight (fee required). All orders ship from New York City.

When will my order arrive?

We cannot guarantee or control any specific arrival time - please access your tracking number and call 1-800-GO-FEDEX to inquire about an order shipped.

How long will my bagels stay fresh? How should I store them?

These are fresh-baked bakery products with no preservatives of any kind - you cannot leave them out as you would supermarket products. With our free overnight shipping, your bagels will remain fresh and delicious for 3 days after delivery, so can be ordered for breakfast or lunch on the day after arrival.
But please note: we advise to freeze your as soon as possible if not being consumed immediately. This will help preserve freshness and texture.

Any bagels not being enjoyed the day of delivery should be frozen. New Yorker Bagels' bagels freeze and thaw wonderfully - and can be thawed sitting out for about an hour. You can also take them out of the freezer the night before (as late as possible) so they're ready for breakfast! Please see our Detailed Bagel Handling Instructions for more information – and to discover the preferred way to prepare our hand-rolled bagels after freezing.

How is my order packed?

All orders are currently shipped in sleeves of 6 bagels each. Therefore, any 1 dozen order may consist of up to 2 bagel flavors. You can create your own box by ordering a Custom Box

Our freezable sleeves are then packed in a white "New Yorker Bagels" branded box, so are ideal for gift giving or company breakfast meetings!

What are the ingredients in your bagels? Are they Kosher?

All of our ingredients and Nutritional Information is available online - we have nothing to hide! All of our ingredients and baking procedures adhere to the strict Star-K Kosher certification.

Are your bagels Vegan?

None of our bagels contain animal products - they are 100% Vegan. This now includes Egg bagels, which use an all-natural eggless egg substitute!

Do you products contain nuts? What about other allergens?

New Yorker Bagels Bakery is not a certified nut free environment, although none of our bagels contain nuts. Residual nut contamination from our ingredient suppliers, however, is a possibility.

The only known allergens that are present in our products are wheat and sesame. All of our bagels contain wheat. Note that the soy protein is removed from our soybean oil, so our products are exempt from this class of allergens.

Hey - Where are the Salt bagels?

After quite a bit of testing, we have found that this bagel flavor does not stand up to the shipping and delivery process, due to its inherent moisture content. Since we'll never compromise on quality, Salt bagels are not available for online ordering at this time.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?

When you place an order on this website you are ordering fresh-baked, perishable goods. Orders cannot be returned or refunded. New Yorker Bagels Inc. is not responsible for any missing or stolen packages, incorrect addresses, Federal Express delivery issues, or failure to receive or accept your delivery.

Because we offer free overnight shipping at our expense, a refund is not available. 

Tell me about the NYC Bagel Club

We're pleased to introduce our hand-rolled Bagel Subscription Club! With this feature, you can now easily subscribe to receive our New York City bagels automatically, at nearly any interval you choose.

To learn more, please read the NYC Bagel Club page. Please be sure to read the important notes at the bottom of this page!

Do you ship online to wholesale accounts such as cafes and shops?

Online wholesale ordering is available select clients throughout the USA (excluding the New York City area). Please visit our Wholesale Bakery website for more information or Contact the Wholesale Team to set up an account.

Please also review our Terms of Service.

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