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A Bagel Birthday

Aren’t your tired of the constant pressure to throw the biggest, baddest birthday party on the block? Every year the demand get more out of control – the hired clown, the pony rides, the bouncy houses.

Add the ginormous cake and the mandatory ice cream, and don’t forget the carb loaded pizza, end everyone finally drags themselves home around three in the afternoon at the peak of tiredness, sugar-crashing and cranky.

How can you get back to basics and have a fun party in which the grownups and kids all have a great time?

The answer – bagels. A bagel brunch party for the birthday boy or girl presents a fun morning full of activities that allow parents and kids to enjoy themselves. Here’s how it works:

First, order a bunch of bagels to be delivered fresh early the morning of or the night before the special day, or pick them up if you ideally know a store or market that sells New Yorker bagels. Get a wide variety so the adults can enjoy the flavors, and plenty of plain ones for the fun.

Set up some bagel style activities. Make your own bean bags in the shape of small bagels, and have plenty of paint pens on hand, the kids can decorate the bagels and then they can be used for a variety of carnival games.

Set up a up a long table with plenty of seating on both sides. Arrange piles of bagels at intervals, and be certain to pre-slice them. Whip up a batch of toppings – deli meats, cheeses, spreads, PB and jelly, jams, sliced fruits and grated veggies.

Every child and adult can choose a bagel and set about making their own delicious masterpiece. You can even have a line going with a toaster oven to broil hot open faced sandwiches. If you include pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperonis, the kids who expect pizza at a party will even be satisfied!

Of course the birthday cake should also be in the shape of a bagel. This allows you to slice thin portions around the ring, cutting down on the sugar rush. You don’t need ice cream when you have a bagel cake!

Make your kid’s next birthday a bagel brunch party. It’s smart, easy to pull off, and easy to clean-up after – and everyone can be home by one, without a cranky child in tow!