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Bagels for Dinner – Why this Food is so Versatile

bagels for dinner

Bagels for breakfast, bagels for brunch, bagels for a snack after an early lunch… Bagels are probably one of the most eaten breads during the first half of the day – but what about a tasty New Yorker bagel for dinner?

Hold on, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Bagels can form the foundation of a terrific meal, serve as a healthy side, or even provide a garnish. Take a look at how you can serve bagels for dinner below:

  1. Main Course. Bagels can be turned into terrific pizzas with the addition of a little sauce, a hefty covering of cheese, and any other topping you might desire. Sliced black or green olives, mini-pepperoni, Greek peppers, diced online and bell pepper, sliced mushrooms, crumbled sausage or beef – the possibilities are endless (don’t forget the anchovies!) You can also use a bagel as the centerpiece of your plate, and pile on chipped beef and gravy, cold chicken salad topped with shredded lettuce and a slice of tomato, or even split it and use as a bun for a fat, juicy Angus beef burger.
  2. Side dishes. Serve up a slice of bagel instead of a roll or a corn muffin as your bread offering for the night/ Slap a little garlic butter on it and slide the round under the broiler for a minute to accompany Italian, or use a herb butter blend for accompanying chicken or pork dinners. You can even cut a whole bagel into thin wedges and use it as a utensil to dip into hummus, sop up gravy, or just chew on for a full belly.
  3. Garnishes. Cube a day old bagel and toss in melted butter – bake at 350 degrees until crispy for the perfect crouton. Float them in soup, top off a salad, enjoy as a nice garnish on almost any dish. You can crumble them over a pan of mac and cheese before baking, or use on almost any kind of casserole – just toss a dry bagel, torn into chunks, into the blender and pulse a few times for excellent bread crumbs.

These are just a few of the ways you can utilize a bagel after the sun starts to slide down the sky. Get creative – toast chunk of buttered bagel and dip in cheese fondue (the dense structure makes it hold up better than softer breads. Try using cubes dipped in garlic butter and toasted as the starting point for a great party mix – add mini-pretzels, Chex, nuts and more for a bowl of amazing flavors.

You can even use a bagel as a midnight snack. Don’t assume the New Yorker bagel is a morning food – there’s a lot more flexibility to the roll