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Bagels + Mike's Hot Honey? That's Hot!

bagels with Mikes Hot Honey

We're always open to new and and exciting ways to top our hand-rolled NYC bagels. So we were just pleased as punch when our friends at Mike's Hot Honey rolled our their squeezable, portable, ship-able packettes:

Mike's Hot Honey packette
Golly, we said to ourselves, maybe their yummy honey will pair well with our yummy bagels? We started testing, and soon the entire team was super pro-Mike's–we just had to start offering this, all of 'em said. And so, here it is!
Introducing two sizes (1 dozen or 2 dozen) of our fresh, plain bagels + Mike's Hot Honey:



Time to get creative with your bagel toppings - try this with almonds, raisins, peanut butter - it's hard to go wrong!


Queens is teaming up with Brooklyn!