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Bagels – the Perfect Pre-Workout Carb

A kale shake may seem like the perfect pre-workout snack, but it may be less of a help and more of a hindrance when it comes to losing weight. For anyone who may not know, the body needs carbohydrates before any physical activity, no matter how small or mundane.

When you do something strenuous like lifting weights or running a mile, you burn calories. But when your body doesn’t have many calories to burn, your body defends itself by hoarding fat and calories the next time you eat.

This can pose a problem for anyone who is trying to lose weight, and make it frustrated to stay loyal to your workout regimen. The problem is compounded when you find yourself dizzy and weak mid-workout, as your body runs out of fuel.

The solution? Give yourself a healthy snack before you grab your pedometer. A kale shake is low in calories, yes, but when you need carbohydrates and fiber, another option may be more beneficial to your health. Bagels are the perfect substitute for whatever fitness-brand green shake you’re having, and it’s almost a guarantee that they taste better, too.

Before your workout, treat yourself to a small, whole grain bagel, and record the calories somewhere safe for future reference. If you’re buying from a shop or bakery that doesn’t have lists on hand, take an educated guess; it’s okay if it’s not perfect! Your body can compensate for any stray calories you may have missed.

You don’t have to enjoy the bagel plain, either. A protein-heavy topping like a fried egg, peanut butter, or even cream cheese can be a perfect addition to your pre-workout bagel. Not to mention it tastes good too!

Now, during your workout your body will stay sustained, and thus switch into fat-burning mode instead of panic-hoarding-mode. If you start craving another one after your workout, that’s okay too!

Bagels are perfect to-go snacks, and you can nourish your body while still staying healthy. Try packing a bagel and some toppings in a paper bag or lunchbox for your post-workout snack, so you can stay satisfied until lunch.