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One Bagel, Two Bagel, Red Bagel, Blue Bagel

colored bagels

Children can be finicky eaters at the worst of times, and finding food they like can be a challenge for even the most capable and doting mother. If you need to find an acceptable breakfast, lunch, or snack for your child quickly, a bagel may be your answer.

If your child has picky tastes, something plain and simple may be a good starting point. Introduce them to a plain bagel, spread with butter or cream cheese. This is something even the choosiest child can’t turn down, but if they do turn up their nose at a plain bagel, don’t give up hope! There are options across the board, and you’re bound to find something your child likes somewhere in the mix.

Like many adults, children have a sweet tooth. Cater to this with a cinnamon bagel, or the tempting chocolate chip bagel. Some children even like the sweetness of flavored cream cheese, so try slathering a plain bagel in strawberry cream cheese, and let them go nuts. Just be prepared for a little mess…

If your child has savory tastes and likes the strong punch of a sesame seed bagel, try offering them a bite of your onion or ‘everything’ bagel. Breakfast or lunch can be made easy when you experiment, so don’t feel afraid to tear off a chunk for your child. The worst they can say is that they don’t like it!

Teething is a nightmare for anyone with a toddler, but luckily bagels offer a solution to that too. A thick, chewy bagel is a perfect teething ring, and it’s tasty too! They offer a good amount of resistance to the gummiest of babies, and are the perfect shape for holding onto while gnawing away. (Perhaps we should call these “Babels”…)

Adjusting your children to bagels in everyday meals is easy when you put in the effort, and you’d be surprised at how many ways you can chop, slice, and re-invent the tasty treat. Cube them with cheese and apples for a homemade lunchable, or slap some cheese and sauce on top of a sliced bagel for a mini-pizza.

Some bagels are even as colorful as a rainbow. Let your child have a field day with a vast selection of freshly baked bagels. They’re bound to find something they like, and you’d be surprised at what they may enjoy.