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Giving Bagels As A Business Gift

Giving Bagels As A Business Gift

Business gifts can be a tricky thing, especially with business partners, clients, and other professional relationships. Some people have trouble getting gifts for their family members, so you can imagine how difficult it can be to choose a B2B gift. Real, hand-rolled bagels might be the option you need.


Consider the Recipient  

When it comes to business gifts, many people like to tread lightly. The last thing you want to do is offend someone or give them a gift they might not need or enjoy. For that reason, many people like to stick with what works -- things you can eat or give to other members of the family/office. However, consider if they have dietary restrictions or religious rules. For example, some people might not be able to receive alcohol, cheeses, cured meats, or mixed nuts. Bagels are usually safe, and New Yorker Bagels are kosher.


Why Bagels Might Be Your Best Bet  

New Yorker Bagels has a solution for corporate gift giving. Consumables are almost always a good idea, and bagels are the perfect gift for an associate. The flavor variety and versatility of bagels make them ideal, and New Yorker Bagels offers customizable boxes and short-term subscriptions as gift options. A repeating gift can keep you in a vendor’s good graces all year long and make potential long term clients think of you when considering their budget each quarter.

Here are some of the options New Yorker Bagels offers as business gifts:  

  • 1 Dozen Bagel Gift-Box. Fully customizable: pick four flavors you think your recipient might enjoy, and we’ll handle the rest!
  • 3 Dozen Bagel Gift-Box. In case one dozen wasn’t enough, this box is the perfect gift for an entire office -- with 6 flavors, everyone is bound to find something they like.
  • Bagel-of-the-Month Subscription. A monthly subscription of our 4 most popular bagel flavors. Starts with 3 monthly deliveries and has options for a long term subscription.
  • Surprise Bagel-of-the-Month Subscription. In case you want to spice things up, we offer a surprise subscription. Every month, the selection changes so your gift is always fresh, new, and exciting.
  • Flat and Mini Bagels. A fun twist on a timeless product, and you can give them as a gift!

 Finally, gift cards are a great option if you’re not sure what flavors your business associates prefer. Give them $25-$200 worth of bagel goodness, which they can redeem any time they like.