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Planning to Order Bagels Online? Tips for Maintaining Freshness

Planning to Order Bagels Online? Tips for Maintaining Freshness

A delicious, fresh New York bagel with a shiny, crisp crust and a chewy, flavorful interior is a thing of beauty. When you have your bagels delivered monthly, you’re in for a treat. Each box comes with your choice of up to four different flavors of bagels, with every three bagels in their own sealed sleeve for maximum freshness.

We ship overnight to your door, so you can enjoy real fresh New York bagels without any preservatives. But how can you keep your extra bagels fresh if you and your family, friends, and coworkers don’t devour them all that first day?   

Which New York Bagels to Order Online

The best tasting, most authentic and freshest bagels come directly from New Yorker Bagels – and are shipped to your door overnight within 24 hours. Bagels delivered are fresh but can quickly begin to lose that freshness, so order wisely depending on how fast you eat your bagels. Whole Wheat bagels keep better than others, and small bagels will also adapt better to fitting in your freezer, so consider choosing mini bagels to fill out your box when you order bagels online.

Storing Your New York Bagels

Your fridge is the worst place to keep fresh bagels – they are designed to keep fresh food fresh, and they also have very low humidity. The lack of moisture that prevents other foods from going bad quickly works against breads - it dries out bagels more quickly than the air at room temperature. Leaving them out in the plastic bag, however, can lead to too much humidity, allowing bagels to spoil.

Putting your extra New Yorker bagels in a paper bag can help them last until the next day. Longer than that, try slicing and stacking your bagel halves before wrapping tightly in plastic, foil or tupperware-style containers and freezing them. (You can also place our plastic sleeves straight into the freezer!) They will last an additional 12 months in the freezer. 

Reheating New York Bagels

Heating a bagel allows the starch molecules to activate from a rigid state caused by dehydration or freezing. You can revive a bagel and make it softer again by toasting, or crisp up a softer thawed bagel in the same fashion. Never microwave bagels unless you need a spare hockey puck – it makes them tough and hard.

You can toast bagels in a toaster made for bagel reheating, in the oven under the broiler for split bagels (hint, toast split side down to retain the interior texture of the bagel and restore a crisp crust), and brush lightly with water before toasting for that glossy finish you know and love. 

Our preferred method? Preheat an oven or toaster over to 400˚ then bake for 4 minutes. This provides an authentic fresh-from-the-bagel-shop experience.

These tips can keep your New Yorker bagels tasting fresh even days after they arrive!