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Hand Rolled Bagels vs. Machine Made Bagels

hand rolling a bagel
We all love a good New York bagel, but what really sets a great one apart? Let's dive into the age-old debate: Hand-Rolled versus Machine-Rolled Bagels.

The Mass-Produced Bagel Controversy

Machine-rolled bagels came into existence in 1961, thanks to Meyer Thompson's invention, aimed at increasing efficiency and profit in bagel production. However, this method often overlooks what matters most - the quality and taste. Machine rolling might be quick, but it tends to compromise the authentic texture and flavor that we all cherish.

The Art of Hand-Rolled Bagels

The traditional art of hand-rolling bagels is a painstaking process, but it's worth every bit of the effort. This technique, deeply rooted in Jewish culinary tradition, creates a superior gluten structure in the dough. The result? Bagels that not only taste incredible but also have that perfect chewy texture and depth of flavor that machine-rolled bagels simply can't match.

At New Yorker Bagels, we're all about authenticity and quality. Our hand-rolled bagels aren't just food; they're a piece of New York's rich culinary heritage. Experience the difference for yourself and join the league of true bagel connoisseurs.