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The Craziest Cream Cheese Toppings

According to the Huffington post, there are at least a dozen bagel; and cream cheese flavors and combos the editor there finds repellent, However, hordes of people still love blueberry bagels, so there’s no accounting for personal taste over the ranting of an online magazine editor!

That said, there are some pretty wild cream cheese concoctions out there. Here are a few that we think might just be a little over the top – unless you like that sort of thing in which case we say have at it. As long as you are buying bagels to smear this stuff on, that’s all that matters, right?

While you’d think that the classic combination of bagel and cream cheese is one that can’t go wrong, there have emerged several cream cheese flavors that seem to freak out bagel purists. These aficionados claim that there’s just no way for them to support the idea of fruity flavored cream cheese, and that savory is the only way to go. However, the hundreds of people who love them some strawberry flavor would disagree!

Another contingent has more of an objection to the sweetness factor, saying that cream cheese frosting and the cream cheese you spread on your bagel are two distinctly different things. Sure, unless you LIKE cream cheese frosting on your blueberry bagel. (Oh, the humanity!)

The purists demand that cream cheese should be savory, if not utterly plain, or at the very least, contain a very restricted number of ingredients (scallions, vegetables, and… well, that‘s it apparently. Purists can be so… pure!)

While maple cream cheese may seem like a crime against humanity to some, for others it’s the perfect topping for their French Toast bagel. Why should one bagel eater judge another?

A few other amazing bagel toppings include the seasonal favorite – pumpkin cream cheese. You’d be surprised at the number of people who slather this on a sesame seed bagel and call the day a winner!

Now, when it comes to lox flavored cream cheese, we admit it can’t match the taste of real lox on top of cream cheese – but hey, marks for ingenuity. Want to get the lox taste out of your mouth? Try tangy pineapple cream cheese – it’s not that bad!

Sweet is the name of the game, however the number of flavored and sweetened cream cheeses is rapidly outnumbering the savory (although if you can find jalapeño cream cheese, go for it!)

Try honey walnut cream cheese, protein honey cream cheese, or even dark chocolate cream cheese if that chocolate chip bagel just isn’t meeting your needs. Bagel lovers everywhere, unite! It’s not worth fighting over what you schmear on your roll with a hole – as long as you are consuming them, the bagel will survive!