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The Dangers of Bagel Slicing

When you hear the word ‘dangerous’ you normally associate it with fireworks, hazardous chemicals, guns, and possibly your neighbor’s homicidal Chihuahua, not… bagel slicing. But according to a 2008 analysis conducted by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System – a government research organization that determines the probability of how and in what ways people hurt themselves — nearly 2,000 individuals were admitted to emergency rooms with BRIs (otherwise known as Bagel Related Injuries) in the preceding year alone.

That’s right. This happens so often that they have an abbreviation for it.

While this may seem silly, considering that most of our mothers taught us that knives are dangerous and that we should always be careful with them, it isn’t hard, when in a rush or after staggering half-awake out of bed, to slice or stab yourself while preparing your morning breakfast.

You might be thinking, What’s a little cut going to do? But when you consider that these Bagel Related Injuries send people to the hospital (one woman reported needing surgery and around 100 stiches) or require tetanus shots, it makes sense that someone would create a specialized device to cut these life-threatening delicacies.

Fifteen years ago, Mr. Rick Ricard – an inventor for and angel of the accident prone – finally realized the dangers with this practice and created the Bagel Guillotine. Designed to ‘hold’ or ‘cradle’ the pastry, a bagel guillotine allows you to saw through your bagel without ever having to hold it, therefore preventing yet another (and honestly, quite embarrassing) bagel related injury.

Of course, not many people are aware of the dreaded BRI, or that there are objects that are specifically designed to do what should not be done by hand. Many live in complete ignorance by purchasing pre-sliced bagels from the grocery store or their local bakery. But unbeknownst to them, the BRI lurks behind every corner—silently watching and always waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to pick up that knife. It may seem harmless enough, but therein lies the danger.

So… the next time you buy a New Yorker bagel and think about picking up a knife to cut into it, consider this: You may be the next BRI (Bagel Related Injury) victim. Be safe, and eat bagels responsibly!