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Bagel Toppings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Bagels. They start with a B and end with delicious. With that crunchy exterior and a soft, chewy interior, they are undoubtedly the work of Gods: a gift to us lowly mortals. But not all bagels toppings are created equal. Butter, eggs, cream cheese, peanut butter, marshmallow fluff – here we share The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of bagel toppings.

The Good

Cream Cheese – An undeniably simple and delicious classic. Good for those on-the-go or for a quick snack that requires little effort to create. Add lox for the classic bagel experience.

Ham, eggs and cheese – The ultimate breakfast experience, and everything you need to start your morning right!

Raspberries, blueberries, or other fruits – Sweet and delicious without all the unnecessary added sugar.

Chocolate – Who can say no to chocolate? (Don’t answer this if you can. It’s not worth it.) Nutella is also amazing.

The Bad

Vegemite – Unless you’re from ‘down under,’ you might not find this Australian delicacy (made from yeast extract) all that delicious.

Marmite. The same goes for this British goop, which is frighteningly similar.

Anything Low-fat – ‘Low-fat’ normally means ‘with everything unnecessary added in place.’ Opt for reduced sugar or sugar free instead.

The Ugly (But possibly delicious)

Jalapeño bagel with cream cheese and jelly – Hot, cold, tangy, sweet. It promises to confuse your taste buds.

Onion bagel with shredded carrots and lettuce – Salad on a bun? Possibly delicious. Possibly not.

Pizza bagel – It probably shouldn’t exist and looks completely messy, but undoubtedly tastes delicious. Plus, kids love it.

The hamburger bagel – We’re not sure why they’re not simply calling this meat, cheese and sauce between a bagel a “hamburger on a bagel bun” instead of “the hambagel”, but it looks delicious.