FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

The New Yorker Bagel – Your New Addiction

If you’ve only recently heard about the New Yorker Bagel, you may not realize just what a huge difference they are about to make in your life – welcome to the world of fine food and finer ingredients, where traditional cooking methods and good old fashioned recipes make every bite a gift.

The initial discovery is enhanced by the fact you don’t have to actually travel to the Big Apple to get your hands on these amazing rolls with holes – they come straight to your door with free overnight shipping and you can try any of our curated bagel assortments or create your own.

What do you need to know about our New York bagels? Where to start… Here are all the things you need to know to make your bagel eating adventure a success.

First, plan ahead. Order your bagel box close enough to your anticipated chow down that they will arrive fresh and ready for you to enjoy and not have to sit in the box for days.

Eating bagels as soon as possible is the mantra of bagel enjoyment., There is nothing like biting into a bagel that is fresh and chewy, with a crust that is just barely crisp and a texture that is ideal for slicing, spreading, and toasting.

Buy enough bagels to share. If you don’t, you may come I to find your bagel box has been raid and there are only crumbs left for your planned bagel bites pizza creation that was meant to accompany your Game of Thrones binge.

If you have leftover bagels (crazy notion, right?) you’ll need to store them sealed tightly in a plastic bag – preferably with all of the air sucked out. You can keep them on the counter in a cool climate – refrigeration is not really recommended, as it causes bagels to go stale more quickly.

If you are going to keep bagels longer than a day after they arrive, stick them in the freezer. Slice them first, and wrap them with halves all facing the same way and a pie of waxed paper between them.

Reheat bagels carefully – for best result, allow to that and stick in the toaster, or wrap in foil and heat in the oven if you prefer a softer bagel. Moisten with water if you choose to heat them unwrapped, and preheat the oven to 350 degrees before heating for ten minutes on the middle rack.

Don’t microwave bagels if you can help it, it makes them tough and unappetizing. If you still have leftover bagels, you can always cut them into chunks, brush with melted butter, and bake until crisp for homemade croutons perfect for soup.

Have you decided which bagel box you are going to try first? Don’t worry, once you try one, you’ll simply have to try them all!