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Where does the Popularity of Bagels Stand in 2015?

New Yorkers love bagels, and bagels are almost synonymous with a New York breakfast, and have been for decades. With ever changing “health fads” sweeping the nation every year, can the bagel hold on to its popularity? Experts say yes, they can.

According to Spoon University’s 2015 Food Trend Predictions, things look good for bagels; it’s expected to be “the year of the reinvented bagel and the cool kugel.” Bagel wholesalers are coming up with new and improved versions of the bagel, so retailers can have even more options to offer.

New York magazine declared 2015 to be “the year of the bagel”. Food Business News points out that while the frozen bagel market has been in a slump, fresh bagels sales are still climbing and account for over 85% of all wholesale bagel sales.

Offering fresh bagels on supermarket shelves or as part of the menu at select cafes and eateries continues to be a smart move, with consumption rising every year. Bagels have the advantage of providing a healthier looking breakfast when compared to sweeter options like the doughnut or greasier possibilities like the sandwiches and burritos provided by fast food stations.

Bagels have been eaten by over 60% of US adults for over a decade; recently, however, the percentage of those choosing a fresh baked bagel have jumped. Being able to consistently offer high quality, fresh-not-frozen bagels is a priority for those seeking a bagel wholesale vendor, and smaller bakeries also depend on bagel bakers to provide stock since the process for bagel making is markedly different from baking other goods.

New Yorker Bagel continues to broaden the company’s offerings, and provides a source for fresh bialys as well as flat bagels (popular for sandwich making), bagel sticks (a bread stick alternative), mini bagels (terrific for diet conscious markets) and more.

Bagels are a staple of the American Way, and will continue to provide a nutritious, healthy, and delicious breakfast, lunch and snack option for millions of people every year. The bagel trend is not going anywhere but up!