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Why Do Bagels Have Holes?

why do bagels have holes?

Sounds like the start of a stupid joke or a pun, but it's something most people have considered at some point. There's gotta be a reason, right? It can't just be for decoration, or so you can look through them like bagel goggles. Luckily for you, we found out why!

Surprisingly, the hole in the center of a bagel is actually for flavor and texture! Because bagel dough can be thick, the hole allows the dough to cook more evenly all the way through. this helps keep the bagel chewy all the way through without overcooking the outside. Bagels also used to be served on poles, easily carried and distributed.

Of course not! There are some alternative and fun theories about why our beloved bagels have holes. One theory believes that bagels are related to German pretzels, and the holes formed in the knots became the holes of donuts! Another story suggests that bagels were made to look like a stirrup in honor of a king who was fascinated with horses. Either way, we are grateful for the amazing taste it gives our bagels!