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Enjoy FREE 2-Day Shipping! Order now

NYC Bagel Club - Custom Boxes

Dear Bagel Lover,

Although we're happy to offer the ability to "subscribe" to any product on this website, alla a "Bagel of the Month" club, this option is not currently available for the Custom Box.

The reason? We have found that almost all Custom Box subscribers wish to change the 3 flavors they're subscribed to receive from us each week or month, when their next subscription order is set to bake. But, due to technical limitations, that capability just isn't possible yet.

With all other products, however, it IS possible to change (called a "swap") your products before each subscription order. (Be sure to create an account - which is optional - with your subscription in order to have the capability to swap your bagels)

So, we recommend you subscribe to either an Individual Bagel Flavor or a Curated Box Set (NOT the Custom Line), and then swap these around as much as you desire! For more assistance with NYC Bagel Club subscriptions please see please see the Bagel Club page.

Thank you!