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FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

Bagel Subscription - Help & FAQ

To Manage Your Custom Box NYC Bagel Club Subscription or Change Bagel Flavors

If you create an account you are able to have full control of your subscription, where you can pause, cancel or change the date of your next automated fresh bagel NYC delivery. An email alert is sent to you in advance of your your next shipment. 

Be sure to create a New Yorker Bagels account if you set this up - subscriptions can only be managed if you opt to create an account (accounts are optional). You can create an account even after you've ordered or subscribed - just use the same email address you used to order.

These instructions apply only to Custom Bagel Box subscriptions - if you've subscribed to a single flavor or curated Box Set, click here instead as these subscriptions work differently!

To set your initial flavors:


You can now use any Custom Box to create a subscriptio. Just add your desired flavors and then click the subscribe & lock-in 12% savings link.

To modify an active bagel subscription:

Login to your Subscription Management using this link:

Then click the orange "Manage Subscription" link.

To CHANGE NEXT ORDER DATE: Select blue link "Change Upcoming Order Date" if you want to move your next automated order up (or back).

To SKIP AN UPCOMING SUBSCRIPTION ORDER: Select "Upcoming Bagel Orders" and then click the blue "Skip Order" link for the order(s) you would like to skip.

To CHANGE BAGEL FLAVORS: Select blue link "Upcoming Bagel Orders" and then click the blue "Pick Your Selections" link. You will be taken to a page where you can select any combination of 6-packs. Once selected, click the orange "Save Selections" button to save your new flavors. Note: only orders occurring in the next 30 days can be changed.

All Bagel of the Month subscribers automatically receive 300 sesame seeds in Bagel Dough Rewards!

Please contact us with any other questions about the NYC Fresh Bagel Club subscriptions.