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Wholesale Bagels - 3 Dozen Hand-Rolled


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    Andrew Stamile
    Bagel Review

    Finally found a bagel company that actually makes a great tasting bagel. Many choices to pick from. Delivered is fast and packaging is done well. Will be buying again.

    candas barrington
    Deliciously awesome

    We have started a coffee shop in South East Georgia and these bagels have made all the difference in building our success! Can not rave enough!

    Lit’L Domo
    Bagels at last!

    I’ve been looking for real bagels from when I was a kid in the 70’s. The bagels you can buy everywhere in the chain stores are not the bagels you get from NYBagels, they are cake bread bagels. NYB are wholesome, light and airy with the other crunch when baked! My childhood fav was poppy seed and no new bread bagel company makes a poppyseed bagel. I enjoyed my bagels and will continue to order them from NYB. Did I mention made with “no preservatives” either! I found Love again in the bagel world. TY NYB!

    James Chapman
    Great Games Library

    I would actually like to purchase 2 dozen less as those dont fit into my freezer :(

    Egerton Maitland

    Wholesale Bagels - 5½ Dozen Hand-Rolled

    Ruthie Hanson
    My Customers are on Cloud 9!!!

    I'm a South Carolina girl, living in Western North Carolina where my husband and I own and operate a small bakery. I am beyond thrilled to have discovered New Yorker Bagels and to be able to bring both our Northern by Birth customers and just lovers of bagels these delicious bagels. First order has been here and gone in a flash..... can't wait for the next!

    Joel Mondlak