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Who Wants a Bagel Emoji?

bagel emoji

With all of the food related emojis on your phone, you may have noticed one glaring omission. Where is the bagel emoji?

A short while back, the US of Emoji report came out. It analyzed billions of emoji data points, and revealed some amazing stats about food related emoji.

The top 10 food-related emoji used in the US (by sheer volume of the number of times they are used on a daily basis) are:

  • Emoji pizza
  • Emoji coffee/hot beverage
  • Emoji poultry leg
  • Emoji cherries
  • Emoji slice of cake
  • Emoji hamburger
  • Emoji doughnut
  • Emoji ice cream cone
  • Emoji strawberry
  • Emoji lollipop

That’s a lot of sweets and fried foods. We definitely need more wholesome grains and kettle boiled goodness.

State by state, the rankings get even more interesting.  Here are just a few of the states with high food emoji usage, as well as their favored emoji.

  • Washington: a cup of coffee Emoji
  • Hawaii: a pineapple Emoji
  • Iowa: an ear of corn Emoji
  • Missouri: a honeypot Emoji

Washington is the birthplace of the ubiquitous Starbucks, so no great surprise there. Pineapple for Hawaii and Corn for Iowa seem like obvious choices. But a honeypot for Missouri doesn’t make as much sense until you remember that the symbol of MO is often the honeybee.

Other states yield more surprises. Florida’s top food emoji is NOT the orange, but instead, the candy Emoji. Wisconsin, rather than cheese, has the loaf of bread Emoji… and Georgia is the cherry Emoji, not the states inevitable peach.  

It is definitely time for a bagel Emoji, and rumors are starting to swirl about what it will look like, if it will be featured sliced (to differentiate it from the donut Emoji), and whether or not toppings such as lox, cream cheese, or capers will allow variations.

Are you ready for a bagel emoji on your phone? You can actually vote to let the world know you want a bagel Emoji as well – and better sooner than later. Share the request for a bagel Emoji far and wide, and make 2018 the year of the bagel Emoji.