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4x4 Things to Love About Authentic New Yorker Bagels

real new york bagels

There’s a lot to love about New Yorker Bagels. We make every bagel by hand (except Minis), and package them fresh just for you. Just like our bagels, here’s a custom box list of 4x4 things to love about authentic New Yorker Bagels.

4 Things That Make Our Bagels Authentic

  • Made fresh with no preservatives. Bagels are best when they’re fresh, and we serve nothing but the best of the bunch.
  • Hand-rolled. Hand-rolling adds to the authenticity of our bagels, and when bagels are handmade, they’re quality-checked every step of the way.
  • Boiled and Baked. A bagel isn’t a bagel unless you have both, so we make sure to boil and bake our bagels to perfection!
  • We keep our shop Kosher and are certified, so your bagels are perfect every time.


4 Things That Make Bagel Ordering Easy 

  • Standard Fed-Ex overnight shipping included. No more wait, and no more hassle – get your bagels quickly and easily.
  • Bagel club. Join our bagel club for a subscription to monthly bagel boxes!
  • Bagel boxes. If you just want to try our bagels, create your own special selection or choose one of our pre-made boxes.
  • Gift certificates. There’s nothing better than giving gifts! Give a single box or sign your bagel enthusiast up for a pre-paid subscription.


4 Bagel Boxes

  • Breakfast box. Don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day and enjoy something sweet! Comes with apple cinnamon, blueberry, cinnamon raisin, and French toast flavors.
  • Health box. Healthy can be tasty with this box, which comes with quinoa multigrain, whole wheat, cranberry energy, and whole wheat sesame bagels.
  • Lunch box. Bagels aren’t just for breakfast, and these poppy, pumpernickel, red pepper, and marble rye bagels are evidence of that.
  • Traditional box. If you prefer familiar flavors, the simplicity of the plain, sesame, cinnamon raisin, and whole wheat bagels might be for you.
  • Bonus: Create your own! Think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to go a little crazy with our custom boxes.


4 Amazing Flavors You Have To Try 

  • Kalamata Olive Bagels. Made with imported, Greek olives, this bagel is perfect for sandwiches and bagel pizzas.
  • French Toast Bagels. Perfect for morning birds, this bagel combines two of the greatest breakfast foods into one delicious roll with a hole.
  • Quinoa Multigrain Bagels. Packed with whole grains, flavor, and energy, this bagel has it all (without extra calories).
  • Jalapeño Red Pepper Bagels. Take a walk on the wild side with this bagel, and combine it with chicken, eggs, or deli meat for a hearty meal.