FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

Looking for a New Gourmet Gift Basket? Send a Box of Fresh Bagels Instead!

new york bagel gift

Create a fresh bagel assortment for someone special! Select four different bagels ranging from Everything to French Toast and Blueberry—even our onion bialys—for a box any recipient will love.

It’s a great twist on gift giving that pivots away from the traditional gourmet "gift baskets" to an impressive gift box filled with fresh, hand-rolled New York City Bagels, and we ship fresh anywhere in the continental USA using only FedEx Priority Overnight shipping.  

Why Send Bagel Gift Boxes?

Gourmet gift baskets for any occasion can be supplanted by charming New Yorker Bagel gift boxes! When you send bagels from New Yorker as a gift, each basic box includes: 

A dozen healthy, hand-rolled, fresh-baked and fast-shipped New Yorker bagels, with up to four choices of flavor per box, and every 3 bagels individually sleeved for maximum freshness and to minimize flavor overlap. 

You can also try any of these popular boxes: 

Our bagels are made fresh every day, and contain no preservatives of any kind, no bromated flour, and no saturated fat or trans fats. They are also Certified Star-K Kosher and Vegan. (None of our bagels contain animal products of any kind with the possible exception of a minute amount of natural honey. Some vegans wish to avoid honey while others do not.)

The bagel sleeves are packed in a gorgeous New Yorker Bagels gift box and the bagels are shipped fresh every weekday with overnight shipping included in the listed price – shipments go out at 1 PM EST Monday through Friday.

See what happy customers have said about our alternative to the same old gourmet gift baskets: 

  • “Great overnight service. Mailed Monday and arrived in Palm Desert, CA at 2 PM Tuesday! Also great packaging. Will order again for sure.”
  • “This has become one of our go-to gift ideas when we can’t think of something. I like to send the interesting flavors like jalapeno and French toast - people always love them!”

Check out all our options for Business Gift Baskets, and send bagels the next time you want a gift that any recipient will love getting.