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Love Sweeter Bagels? We Gotcha!

new york bagels

When it comes to sweeter bagels, we're often tempted to eat them sans toppings, except maybe for some melted butter across a toasty split top.  However, a little effort can transform a humble, sweet bagel into a masterpiece of flavor. If you have the time to make yourself a quick breakfast, these sweet bagels pair well with a lot of easy toppings that can go a long way.  

Here's some of our favorite things to pair with our wide selection of sweeter tasting bagels. 

Apple Cinnamon Bagel

This bagel has the intersect of fruit and spice covered, meaning you should skip conflicting flavors like yogurt or berries, but it doesn't rule out coffee. If you're a fan of pumpkin spice lattes or specialty coffees, this bagel will get you in the mood for the holidays.

Blueberry Bagel

A classic bagel flavor, beloved by the younger set. Luckily, blueberry bagels pair particularly well with cream cheese and yogurt, which are both completely guilt-free additions to your bagel.

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

Like Apple Cinnamon, this bagel is quite rich already. You can get away with just having a coffee to go along with it. However, it goes well with nut butters, which highlight the cinnamon flavor. If you feel like having a cheat morning, some unsalted butter and a sprinkling of sugar also go well with this bagel.

Cranberry Energy Bagel

This bagel will keep you fueled and ready to tackle any morning, but pairing it with jam isn't a bad idea. Cranberry mixes well with other berry flavors like strawberry and raspberry, and you can add some cold cream cheese or yogurt for an extra wake-up call.

French Toast Bagel

A fan-favorite of our sweet bagels, and for good reason! This bagel is perfect with honey or syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream and berries goes a long way too. It's a quicker, easier version of the classic breakfast, and it pairs well with the same thing. You can even add a sprinkling of powdered sugar for good measure.

Sweet bagels are a great way to start your morning on a cheerful note, without cheating your entire diet. Even if you do decide to have a delicious morning, you can make up for the extra calories later. Live a little, and enjoy a fresh, sweet New Yorker Bagel with the toppings of your choice.