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FREE 2-Day Shipping from NYC! Order now

Company Breakfast? Office Party? Complete Bagel Packages Are Here!

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To keep prices as low as possible, and reduce environmental impact, New Yorker Bagels does not ship frozen or refrigerated products. This means that when anyone orders our hand-rolled bagels, someone still has to get to a store to pick up some toppings. UNTIL NOW. 

We're please to introduce a new option - New York Bagel Assortments with Spread Packettes. Although one packette can typically cover more than one bagel, we're including one per bagel, generous folks that we are. Every assortment includes 3 topping flavors:

Chocolate-Hazelnut Bagel Spread

Much like the leading brand hazelnut spread, this spread is smooth, nutty, and sweet. However, it has 25% less sugar than its competitor, making it the perfect guilt-free topping. If you’re still counting calories, slathering it on a plain or whole-wheat bagel might be best. In fact, simple bagels might improve the experience, letting you focus on the flavor of the spread. 

If you want an added sweetness, chocolate-hazelnut and cinnamon have been known to pair well. However, many think that our French-toast bagels are by far the best combination for this spread. If you’re still looking for a kick, many people find pumpernickel and chocolate-hazelnut to be a rich combination!

Raspberry Bagel Spread

Raspberry is a tangy and sweet flavor, and our spread is ideal for those with a taste for fruity flavors. It’s a bit richer than your traditional jam, and the perfect serving for a bagel or two. Like the chocolate-hazelnut spread, it’s great on plain bagels, including whole-wheat and multigrain.

If you have a sweet tooth, you have even more options. Combining the raspberry spread with a bagel flavor like blueberry or cranberry will let you enjoy the best of both fruits. Fruit bagels are especially good for on-the-go people, since they offer flavor and variety on their own. The added raspberry spread is just a bonus!

Almond Bagel Spread

Our almond spread is the last, but it’s far from the least. Almond is a naturally mild flavor, but we’ve kicked it up a notch by sweetening them with cane sugar. The spread is rich and flavorful, but still retains that almond subtlety.  

The almond spread is more versatile than the other two, since it can go on just about anything for a sweet and complementary taste. However, it pairs exceptionally well with multigrain and marble rye bagels. The almond adds to the taste of the bagel, bringing out its natural qualities. If you’re not satisfied and want something more intense, combining the almond spread with an apple-cinnamon bagel will guarantee a rich flavor. 

Order your next bagel bundle today, and enjoy the amazing flavor of our new spreads.

Currently Available in Two Options:

1 Dozen Bagel Box + Spreads

3 Dozen Bagels + Spreads

So when you have a company breakfast, team meeting, sales conference - you name it. Impress them all with authentic, New York City bagels - baked just yesterday and shipped fresh.