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Teen Athlete Need a Boost? Bagels are a Carb Loader’s Dream

Teen Athlete Need a Boost? Bagels are a Carb Loader’s Dream

Are the last few bagels languishing in your freezer? Maybe it’s time to get your teen on board. If they’ve been complaining about the kale shakes they’re drinking before intense workouts, they might be interested in an alternate form of pre-workout nutrition. Bagels can deliver an excellent infusion of carbohydrates that give them the energy to get through their routine and have some left to spare for chores later.

If your teen is a runner or is into lifting heavy weights, they’ll be using more calories than they may have taken in. When they skip a snack, their body uses up its available stores of energy. It begins to hold onto fat and calories during their next meal, causing weight fluctuations that can drive their coach and medical professional crazy.

Bagel Options for Athletes

Quinoa Multigrain

Cranberry Energy

Whole Wheat bagels

If your teen athlete is trying to control their weight, seeing the pounds creep on may frustrate them, making it harder to stick with their workout routine. Things get even worse when they begin to feel sick in the middle of their workout, because their body has no more fuel.

If the kale shakes don’t do their body any good, they may wonder what they should be eating or drinking. Bagels make a healthy pre-work-out snack. It’s full of the carbohydrates they need and won’t lead to weight gain if their caloric intake is balanced. Toast a small, whole grain bagel topped with peanut butter or cream cheese to give them the protein and carbs their body needs.    

Teen athletes with the right balance of carbs, proteins, and calories in their system will notice that, during their workout, they stay energized even during the most strenuous part of their efforts. Even better, their body will naturally switch to fat-burning mode, rather than fat-conservation mode.  

The small, humble bagel is as close to the perfect snack they can choose. They’ll help themselves stay healthy and nourished—all by enjoying a healthy, delicious snack! Before their next workout, pack a bagel with the toppings of their choice and enjoy that post-workout.

Make sure they try different flavors, so you can make your next bagel order reflect their favorites as well as your own. Don’t forget to keep your faves on the list – and you may have to hide a few for personal use of your teen athlete becomes a bagel convert!