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Why New York bagels are the perfect brunch food item

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Brunch Evolution: How Bagels Became the Star of the Show ⭐️

The versatility of New York bagels as a brunch food makes them an ideal option for any occasion. From traditional lox and cream cheese to something sweet like Nutella with banana slices, anything goes with bagels! Not only do bagels satisfy everyone's taste buds but they're also convenient for those who need an on-the-go meal; perfect for brunch! Let's dive into how bagels and brunch became intertwined delight.

The Start of Brunch & Bagels

Chicago is often credited as being the home of American Brunch; In the early 20th century, elite travelers heading to LA would stop in Chicago for a late-morning meal. This celebrity-filled atmosphere helped elevate classic American breakfast staples like eggs Benedict and of course BAGELS. Bagels made for an easy and satisfying staple item to serve up at brunch for some crunch and texture when paired with a variety of toppings, both savory or sweet.

Brunch & Bagels in Modern Times

Today, brunch often happens between 12 and 2 pm on weekends. Many brunches serve delicious spreads like cream cheese, blueberry, hummus, and avocado. Bagel's versatility of being dressed up as a sweet breakfast meal or as a savory lunch option have made them a popular and beloved brunch staple.