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9 Bagel Facts You Didn’t Know!

women eating new york bagels
  1. Bagels are out of this world. No kidding, they've been to space. In 2008, Astronaut Greg Chamitoff boarded Discovery for a 14-day flight around the earth with 18 sesame bagels as part of his personal cargo allowance.

  2. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest bagel was 868 pounds and it took 1,100 pounds of dough, 900 gallons of water, and 10 hours to bake.

  3. Bagels are the only bread that is boiled before being baked. They are dipped in boiling water for approximately 3-5 minutes before going into the oven.

  4. Bagel making was once a four-man job: Two people would make the dough, giving bagels their shape; one person boiled them, and the fourth person baked them.

  5. Apple had to remake its bagel emoji in 2018 after people complained that the plain bagel had nothing on it. It was redesigned with cream cheese during the iOS 12.1 beta 4 cycle release. 

  6. Bagels have holes to make them bake faster and to make them stackable on a wooden pole for selling.

  7. The shape of the bagel is non-negotiable: If it’s not round, it’s not a bagel.

  8. The bagel-making process was once a trade secret controlled by the Beigel Bakers' Union which only admitted sons of existing members into the union and conducted its meetings almost entirely in Yiddish.

  9. There is such a thing as a buzzed bagel that is designed to give you your morning caffeine boost. It was invented by molecular scientist and coffee shop owner Robert Bohannon in 2007 and it can pack as much caffeine as a five-ounce cup of drip coffee.

Outshine all your friends with these facts at your next bagel brunch; and don't forget to grab a fresh box for your home!