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New Yorker Bagels featured in Eater NY

“According to Long Island City bagel manufacturer New Yorker Bagels, not everyone understood what a bagel was when the product first boomed in popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s. “A lot of coffee carts and bodegas weren’t accustomed to the hard, chewy shell and the chewy inside,” says Stefanos Evangelinos, a partner in […]


Where does the Popularity of Bagels Stand in 2015?

New Yorkers love bagels, and bagels are almost synonymous with a New York breakfast, and have been for decades. With ever changing “health fads” sweeping the nation every year, can the bagel hold on to its popularity? Experts say yes, they can. According to Spoon University’s 2015 Food Trend Predictions, things look good for bagels; it’s expected […]